Viral Video: Newlyweds Fight On Wedding Day

Viral Video: Newlyweds Fight On Wedding – Hello guys meet again with admins who never get tired of providing updated and viral information, this time the admin will provide information about Viral Video: Bride And Groom Break Into Intense Fight On Big Day, Internet Asks “What On Earth Is Happening?”

The video shows the bride and groom getting into an intense but playful fight during the wedding ceremony.
Wedding traditions around the world have their own unique rituals. Now a video of such a ritual from Nepal has gone viral on the internet.
A clip shared on Instagram shows the bride and groom engaging in an intense but playful fight during the wedding ceremony.
A short video opens showing the bride and groom sitting in a mandap in traditional wedding attire. Moments later, as the pair began to feed each other with their ritual, they ended up physically pushing and pulling each other.
At the end of the clip, the groom can be seen smiling as his wife desperately tries to feed him first. People around them were also seen trying to stop the couple from fighting.
The video has garnered more than 70,000 likes on social media. He evoked mixed reactions from the public.
While one person wrote: “What on earth is going on here?” Another explained: “It’s a tradition – it’s more of a competition between the bride and the groom to see who can feed who the fastest,” adding: “But they’re taking it too far.
” A third joked: “They could have waited until they got back to the hotel to talk to family and friends,” while a fourth added: “Well, that’s one way to start a lifelong commitment.” On the other hand, speaking of wedding rituals, last month the man and woman got married 30 years after her death.
The ceremony is part of a tradition called “Pretha Kalyanam” or “wedding of the dead”. The tradition, observed in parts of Karnataka and Kerala, is performed for those who die at birth. Communities believe in this as a way to honor their spirit.

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