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Video Chloe Lattanzi Instagram

Newton-John, best known for her role as Sandy Olson in Grease, died Monday at the age of 73 after a 30-year battle with a malignant breast growth.
Instagram/chloelattanziofficial A singer and entertainer like her mother, Latanzi shares old and new pictures with her mother. In his first shots, Ratanji is shown as a child holding his mother’s head and kissing her lips.
Another photo shows the singer with her young daughter by the sea. Related Video Video 1 and 8 1:08 Olivia Newton-John has died at the age of 73.
Olivia Newton-John, 73, died. John Newton died “quietly” on Monday. WireImage The rest of the photos are a modern day mother and daughter combination.
Some of them showed the two talking in a virtual meeting using rings of light. Lattanzi completes the photo collection with new selfies and photos of everyone in gear.
Chloe Rattanzi, Olivia Newton’s granddaughter, uploaded a photo with her mother three days before she kicked the bucket.
The photo shows the mother and child couple standing in an open field and smiling. Newton-John wore a creamy white button-up pleated skirt with long sleeves tied at the waist, while Latanzi wore a white off-the-shoulder dress.
“I adore this woman. Mom.” My best friend. I commented on the photo on Friday. Newton John’s son Latanzi also paid tribute to his mother on Instagram after his death was confirmed Monday night.
Ratanji, who is becoming more like her mother as a singer and entertainer, is exhibiting her old and new photos.

Chloe Lattanzi Instagram

In the first shot, Latanzi appears as a child, supporting her mother’s head and kissing her lips. Another picture shows the singer with her little daughter by the sea.
The remaining pictures of this couple show mother and daughter from back then. Some of them showed the two chatting in a virtual meeting with the ring lights on.
Latanzi captures your photo collection with a new selfie and snap of what you love the most. John Newton, best known for playing Sandy Olson in ‘Grease’, died Monday at the age of 73 after a more than 30-year battle with breast cancer.
According to a statement posted on her social media pages, “Olivia has been a beacon of success and expectation for over 30 years for telling her breast cancer story.”
Newton John was diagnosed with this unprecedented condition in 1992 and again in May 2017. He was diagnosed with a malignant growth for the third time in September 2018.
Newton-John married longtime girlfriend Matt Latenzi in 1984 and took a year off from his career when he became pregnant with Chloe and became a father in 1986. Newton-John married John Easterling in 2008 after an amicable separation in 1995.

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