New Mangalore Kiss Scandal Viral Video Spreads On Twitter

New Mangalore Kiss Scandal Viral Video Spreads On – Mangalore Kiss Scandal Viral Video Spreads On Twitter. Mangalore kiss video related scandal went viral on Twitter and social media with latest Mangalore kiss video linking social media scandal.

In fact, this time you can learn more about the latest virus of 2022. If you are interested in this viral Mangalore Kissing video, keep checking the comments below. Footage of a kissing contest held by students at a famous secret university.
A crazy video of students from Mangaluru’s prestigious secret university (Mangaluru College) has  created an internet sensation.
According to the rules of the game, you have to kiss in front of everyone. It was recorded and posted on social media.
A video of a kissing contest in the house of a famous secret university has shocked the social media. Students in uniform can also watch the video. Students and students also kiss on the lips (student lip kiss) and are encouraged by another student.
 Students of the famous secret university Bwatajdi in Mangalore created a stir by holding a kissing contest in front of their classmates.
After the video distributed to the network, the manual began collecting data on the students in the video. He also discovered that the police used drugs in the kissing game.

Mangalore College Students Kissing

The video is believed to have been recorded in a room in the house. But what is a written house? There is no authoritative source of data on his whereabouts. The Mangalore police have started an investigation into the video.

Kissing students in school uniforms

The students in the video are still wearing their school uniforms. Therefore, the police need  data on the universities that the students have attended. It is not clear whether the student is over 18 years old.

Encouragement from other students!

Also in the video, other girls clap while their classmates and the girls share a kiss. The Mangalore police allegedly collected the data of the video and investigated the case. It is understood that the police will also check whether the students used drugs in the Mangalore kissing competition.


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