- Korean Itaewon Halloween Party Viral Tragedy 50 People Have Heart Attack, Watch Here! The tragedy of the Korean Halloween party in Itaewon leaves 50 heart attacks, watch here!. Saturday, October 29, 2022 A Halloween party in Itaewon, South Korea, turned into a disaster at night local time. Overcrowding quickly caused dozens of heart attacks in Seoul's elite tourist district. Around 11:30 a.m. WIB, 50 people received CPR as first aid for heart attacks. . At least 81 people in Itawan are seeking help for shortness of breath, doctors said. According to Korea Times, this incident happened near the Hamilton Hotel. President Yoon-suk-yeol ordered officials to provide first aid to residents and tourists. Yoon orders all of Itaewon's rescue workers to drop the emergency shelter. Subsequently, Prime Minister Han Duk Soo urged his officials to do their best to minimize additional damage. Meanwhile, Oh Sehun Seoul Market decides to return to Europe after a tragedy on Halloween night.  So far, 142 fire engines have been deployed to protect the area. Videos circulating on social media show Itaewon police trying to keep people away. Hundreds of people were reportedly detained until they were unable to move. Dozens fell short of breath and had heart attacks.  In another video, dozens of police officers use PCR to help a local resident suffering a heart attack. The efforts of officials in the form of first aid were also aided by other residents. Last Word Hence the discussion that the official can convey. I hope this information helps ease your curiosity. Don't forget to always check the web, friend, because there is new information every day, thank you!

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