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Trending TikTok 'Zombies in China' –  hello guys meet again with admins who never get tired of providing updated and viral information, this time the admin will provide information about TikTok Frantic As ‘Zombies in China’ Trends—Viral Moment Explained .Netizens are in a frenzy after rumors of “Chinese zombies” began to surface on social media.

The online trend has alarmed many people on the video-sharing app TikTok after sharing videos and comments about the so-called “zombie epidemic” in China.

While zombies may be a pop culture favorite, there’s no evidence of such an outbreak in the real world — but that hasn’t stopped people from sharing their reactions and concerns online.

Where Did ‘Zombies in China’ Come From?

Said to stem from an article published in 2021, the piece titled “This is how a zombie apocalypse is most likely to start in China,” pointed to allegations that communist countries have in the past suppressed information about worldwide threats.
Citing the 1986 Chernobyl disaster when the Soviet Union did not acknowledge a problem until other countries had irrefutable proof, the article claimed that China takes part in “lies and propaganda” and suggested that they would be most likely to hide an outbreak from the world.
The article even quoted a passage from Max Brooks’ World War Z: “By refusing to admit the truth of the zombie outbreak to the world, the Communist Chinese government aided its spread due to misinformation about what was actually happening.”
The resurfaced article that appears to suggest China is the most likely birthplace of a zombie apocalypse has created widespread hysteria online as people shared videos suggesting that an outbreak was underway in 2022.

How Did ‘Zombies in China’ Start?

The origin of the viral video and comments is unknown, but thousands of people on the internet continue to share and comment.
Many people on Twitter commented on the viral trend and asked others what was going on. Are there really zombies in China? I asked an internet user.
Another wrote: “I’m not trying to scare anyone, but why are people on TikTok saying there are zombies in China?” Meanwhile, thousands of people were confused and a little scared by the zombie claims appearing in their feeds. “
When those dead people start walking, I’m going to Mars,” said one Twitter user. Others joked about a “big wall of barbed wire to keep the zombies in.”
Others have started sharing fake images of so-called “zombies” made from fictional TV shows, movies and even home videos designed to trick people into thinking there’s a real outbreak.

Could There Be a Zombie Outbreak?

While memories of the fast spread of the COVID-19 virus have left some scared at the concept of a new virus and its ability to spread quickly around the world, it is important to remember that zombies do not exist.
Far from the first time a real-life zombie outbreak has been mooted, last year’s infamous predictions from 1500s French philosopher Michel De Nostradamus predicted a zombie apocalypse and a global famine for 2021.
A popular element of pop culture, zombies are not real and despite research, no evidence has been found by scientists of a virus that could cause an apocalyptic event.
There are several diseases known to mirror the hallmarks of fictional zombies, such as rabies and leprosy.
These symptoms can cause general weakness and malaise, fever, headache, discomfort, burning and itching at the site of the bite.
Some of the symptoms of the disease may resemble zombies seen in movies and on television, but in reality there is no scientific evidence that zombie outbreaks can occur anywhere in the world.
However, interested parties can visit a section of the U.S. Find Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advice on surviving a possible zombie apocalypse.

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