Iqarul Hasan attacks Dania – Supports Aamir Liaquat’s family.

Iqarul Hasan attacks Dania - Supports Aamir Liaquat's – Iqrar Ul Hassan Lashes Out At Dania – Supports Aamir Liaquat’s Family. Popular broadcaster Ikrar Al Hasan has finally opened up about Dania Malik’s actions against Amer Liaquat’s family. Lieutenant Colonel Iqrar al-Hasan said it was time to move on and discover the true face of Dania Malik.

Host Ikrar Al-Hassan said in the video that at first they decided not to talk about the Amer Liaquat incident, but now they have to talk about Dania’s misdeeds. “I prayed for Dr. Amer Liaquat’s forgiveness and quietly prayed that people would forgive him. Or I decided to stay still. But now the world’s greed and wit have brought the truth to light.
Why should we be? So greedy .Because we sell everything for money, this problem is still unresolved, only for money Dania plays dirty games. Dania’s character was notorious throughout this episode, and now she claims to be his faithful wife and rightful heir.
This daughter is not even qualified to talk about it. These are very negative and should be communicated in general. You should know that such a negative person is not supported by people. Please blame her.
It is very unfortunate that Dr. Aamir Liaquat died because of her and she is the one who requested the autopsy and also needs his belongings and demands Rs 25 crore. She says she is her heiress. Regarding Amer Liaquat’s estate, he said: “In regards to his property, he sold his luxury apartment early in his career and also a luxury van used as a vanity home.
He lived in the Khodadad settlement. He also sold There are some apartments in this building, he says he currently owns $15 million with few cars. Now Dania is sad. We are urging the High Court to ignore her petition because she suffered the most from her.
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