Here’s Gianna Bryant’s Autopsy Report And Photo Of Death On Reddit – Here’s What We Know

Here's Gianna Bryant's Autopsy Report And Photo Of Death On Reddit - Here's What We – Gianna Bryant Autopsy Report And Death Photos On Reddit – Here’s What We Know. Gianna Bryant is one of the children of basketball player Kobe Bryant.

Apart from being the son of a famous athlete, she is also an athlete and was announced as an honorable mention draftee in the 2020 WNBA draft.

He left this world with his NBA Hall of Famer father and seven others in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California in 2020. He was just 13 years old at the time of his death.

Gianna Bryant’s name has been trending recently after her mother, Vanessa, accused LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Joey Cruz of sharing photos of Kobe’s corpse without legitimate government purposes.

As such, he remains in court against Los Angeles County in a lawsuit over disturbing photos of a deadly helicopter crash in 2020.

Gianna Bryant Autopsy Report

Many consider Gianna Bryant’s autopsy reports to be cold towards her father. Others were shocked knowing that even at such a young age he had to endure such cruelty.
Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s autopsy reports have been released nearly four months after the helicopter crash. People even took to their social media to say it was insensitive for someone to leak Bryant’s autopsy report.
According to reports, Gianna Bryant’s death was attributed to blunt force trauma from a commercial helicopter crash, with the manner of death listed as accidental.
Speaking of its anatomical summary, blunt traumatic injuries include. Rapidly fatal injuries include transection of the upper cervical cord, severe skull fracture, and brain avulsion.
Likewise, toxicological studies were found to be negative in the opinion section of the report. The impact of the terrible collision crushed the spine in his skull and brutally disfigured his entire body beyond recognition.
On the contrary, according to online reports, Kobe lost his lower body, lost an arm and, surprisingly, a piece of his skull. Forensic experts had to rely on DNA tracing to identify the bodies of all 9 passengers to find a detailed match.
No ash was found in the lungs of father and son, indicating that their deaths were sudden and instantaneous. Reports also indicate that Gianna lost her leg and ankle and her lower abdomen was completely torn open.
The reporter also noticed that his right leg had been cut off. Details emphasize broken bones, burned and destroyed body parts.
After examining the body, autopsy experts found trauma to the top of his skull and bilateral lower legs. In addition to displaced skull fractures, many blunt facial fractures such as the bridge of the nose, bilateral maxilla, or mandible are found in internal injuries.
There was also a deep laceration of the left kidney and a large laceration of the liver in the right lobe.

Gianna Bryant Death Sketch Photos On Reddit

There are sketchy photos of Gianna Bryant after her death in the media and on Reddit. After the helicopter crash, Los Angeles County employees allegedly took pictures of their dead bodies just for fun, it was revealed.
Due to this, many sketches of their bodies appeared on social media. Some wrote that Gianna’s injuries were less severe than Kobe’s, leading to the belief that she died to protect him.
After photos and a visual of the crash site were circulated, Vanessa Bryant, the widow of basketball player Kobe Bryant, sued the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for invasion of privacy.

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